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    Furniture Panel Finishing Line


    A lot of manufacturers may have troubles in finishing process, like the workers are hard to manage, working efficiency is low, production cost raises rapidly, profit gets lower and lower, working environment is polluted……


    How to solve those problems?


    An automatic roller coating line may be a help.


    The automatic roller coating line is mainly used by manufacturers of furniture, cabinet, wood door, to paint the surface of veneered panels, solid wood, or MDF.


    UV panel is a type of panel that is applied with many layers of UV lacquer to protect its surface. How to get the panel applied with UV lacquer automatically? An automatic UV COATING FINISHING LINE is highly recommended.


    UV coating finishing line is an automatic painting line which consists of roller coaters, UV dryers, surface treating machines, and conveyors. For different surface effect requirements, difference process layouts should be arranged.  


    • The coating applying process is finished by a roller coater.
    • The drying process is finished by a UV dryer or a heating tunnel.
    • The surface treating process is usually finished by sanding machine, polishing machine, or dust cleaning machine, etc.
    • The transporting process is finished by conveyors.


    The surface of the roller-coated UV paint is fresher, wear-resistant and can keep the wood panel last longer. Also it is anti-moist and anti-deformation, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. After the UV lacquer is cured, the panel surface is high glossy and antibacterial.


    The coating finishing line is highly automated, 2 operators can start running the production line, no need that high labor cost.







    By using an automatic roller coating line can get high profit with low investment, automatic operation helps save time and improve working efficiency greatly, and reduce production cost accordingly. What’s more, the use of UV curable paint and water-based paint can reduce VOC emissions.


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